Rev. Dr. Charles Agyin-Asare, the General Overseer of the Perez Chapel International, has praised President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his wife Rebecca Akufo-Addo for returning the salary paid to them by the state.


He claimed that the return demonstrates that the President and his wife listened to the people when they protested about the president’s wife’s salary being paid.
At the annual security services day of national prayer at the Burma Camp on Thursday October 21, Rev Agyin-Asare spoke about the issues that lead to military takeovers in the sub-region, saying that despite low motivation and the misconduct of politicians in power, the men in uniform should continue to hold the country together.
“We are seeing coups in our subregion, such as in Mali, Chad, and Guinea.
“These depict warriors who are not subject to authority but have established their own.
As bad as it may appear, I shall place much of the responsibility on those countries’ political classes.
“They amend the constitution to further their personal objectives and raise their pay at the expense of ordinary residents. Many people entered politics with little money but in four years they buy houses and a fleet of cars, while the general public lacks basic necessities.”

“Once in power, many of these politicians became tin gods, incapable of being criticized without unleashing their attack dogs on the critics.


“Some administrations have also turned the civil and public service upside down by dismissing competent people and replacing them with party loyalists, some of whom are extremely incompetent; in addition, the government supervises economic mismanagement.”
“We do not want a coup d’etat in our beautiful Ghana.”
Is it because we don’t have the same challenges as the subregions?
“We have a lot of the same issues.”
“Be content with your remuneration.
Although it is true that most military and service personnel are underpaid, despite the fact that their jobs require them to defend citizens at times at the risk of their own lives, it is unfortunate that their pay does not always correspond to their responsibilities, and that, despite taking bribes, they end up harming the very people they swore to protect.


“Please don’t let your desire to undertake a coup detat be driven by avarice or a love of money.”
“Our officials, since last year, appear to be steadily listening to the voice of the citizens,” he continued.
When a commission recommended that the president’s and vice president’s wives be paid, and we, the citizens, say no, the First and Second lady reportedly returned the money.
“When they boosted the president’s and his ministers’ salaries by more than 50% and we said no, the president was supposed to have refunded the difference and imposed a hold on the wages of his ministers and state officials.”
It demonstrates that they are listening to the people’s voices, which is a good thing.”
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